the good, the bad, and the sunshine-y

hey kids,

we hope everyone had a fabulous 4th (even our international friends!) and we're back with some exciting news.  some of you may know that we're coming up on our 2nd anniversary.  and it was 2 years ago that we created our first frangrance sunshine.  to celebrate, we've concocted a little "remix" of our classic which plays on the themes of the original scent.  it's a fun way for us to revisit the past, while creating something new.  if you love sunshine, you're going to love the remix!  

we're also hard at work on a new collection of 5 scents, to debut next month.  the theme is idioms and we're having a blast in the studio.  but to make room, we're going to retire a few scents ...

Blimey, Limey! , Lemon Cowboy, Thai'd Down, and Saddle Warmer

will all be taken down next week.  We still have a few bottles of each if you're interested.

that is all!

the chairman