hey mr. smell bent, put some perfume on!

            while it might not always seem it, the creative process is sometimes like finishing a giant puzzle.  it’s about making sure everything fits in the end, creating cohesion out of disparate elements.  this can sometimes mean sacrificing good ideas for ideas that fit a theme or work in a group.  i’m speaking vaguely, but as an artist, creation can sometimes be vague, and it’s the artist job of bringing it into reality and defining it. 

            when i get to work on a new project, i always want to bring freshness to the process.  it’s partly selfish, but mostly it’s to keep the kiddies engaged.  who wants to hear the same song over and over again?  or buy the same perfume again?  i like working with new ingredients and new ideas, so it’s not much of a chore.  but ever so often, there are combinations which call to me and which, for not wanting to repeating myself, i overlook.  and now we find ourselves at the smell bent remix project. 

            the fragrance industry has a practice of creating what are know as flankers – perfumes under the same name with a new formulation – for their big sellers.  guerlain has a hit with shalimar, they introduce shalimar light, or shalimar black mystery or shalimar parfum initial.  you get the idea.  instead of just updating or softening my scents, i wanted to take the foundational elements from their structure and create entirely new fragrances around them. 

with sunshine: mama's spiced tea, i kept the orange and sandalwood combination which i believe is the crux of the original perfume’s charm.  around this, i added the spices and tea which my mama used to cook up her summer spiced tea.  technically, it was neiman marcus’ recipe and she made it with crystal light and sugar-free tang, but i loved it and drank it by the jug.  the result is a scent which smells exactly like the sweet, spicy and brisk beverage of my youth.

debonair has always been my most traditional scent (that’s western tradition, mind you).  and so for eau dandy, i went to the roots of classical perfumery for a traditional cologne recipe, but with a slightly modern twist.  the result is a meatier version of one of my favorite scents, 1966’s eau sauvage.  i have an advantage over dior these days, as i use natural ingredients like rose absolute and oakmoss which have been striped from the modern formulation.  you’ll also notice the first appearance of lavender in the line.

tok’yo mama fizzzzz is perhaps the most playful of the bunch.  i always like to throw a wild card into the bunch – and he’s it.  i removed the soothing green tea from the original composition and added a bucket of aldehydes and more woods.  without the tea, you get the full camphorous force of the hinoki and the whole structure gets a little butcher.  kind of like an odd ball masculine which would never get made by the big guys. 

if you haven’t tried these yet, we’re doing a sample pack for $20 which includes shipping and our newest frankensmellie.  i’m also throwing in a sample of our pink party perfume oil which will be available through september.