he said, she said: werewolf edition

it seems the great obsession of the average perfumista is to find a scent that gets as close to the line of filth as is generally acceptable.  i even went on npr to talk about it a few months back.  we love our dirty smells.  perhaps it’s just our animal nature. 

            i’ve gotten something of a reputation for walking up to and/or crossing that filthy threshold.  when i made commando i thought he was pretty benign, but revisiting it, i see that he might be a bit much for the average joe.  untitled #8, which was a commission by lucky scent, was all about taking the idea as far as possible.  many consider the scent unwearable, but it’s as much an intellectual exploration of “dirty” as it is a functional perfume. 

            last fall, i introduced werewolf lumberjack.  it was hot on the heels of the untitled project and i wanted to bring the idea into a more accessible range.  actual musk, that sourced from deer, and which was a staple in the industry for centuries, is incredibly potent.  it’s beautiful, but wearable only in minute doses.  the musk used in both werewolf lumberjack and she-wolf is a synthesized reconstruction of this musk.  it’s warm, acrid and sexy. 

            i was shocked last year to find lumberjack emerging as one of the most popular scents in the line.  his fame actually outlived the run of the series and he became the most requested limited edition in sb’s short history.  that’s when i knew he needed a girlfriend.

            while lumberjack is a potent dose of musk, tempered with spiced woods and animal notes, she-wolf is a play between musk, patchouli and vanillin – the molecule in vanilla responsible for it’s sweetness.  i was messing around in the lab one day when i got frustrated and went for a nap.  when i went to bed that night, i was greeted by a lovely smell on my pillowcase.  some of the test batch had gotten on my sheets and i raced back to finish the project the next morning. 

            she-wolf is sugary and trashy and delicious.  she’s daisy dukes and a tube top.  she is vulgarity done right.  and best of all, she gives lumberjacka run for his money!  if you haven’t tried our lupine friends, they’ll be on sb.com through december.