liberty for all, or: phoenician adole-scent

 any knowledgable phoenician 5th grader will happily recount arizona’s famous 5 Cs - cooper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate – the historical driving forces of the state’s economy.  they helped turn the desert into a city.  but what most 5th graders will take for granted is the smell of those citrus trees come spring. 

            imagine the gay 90s, the gay 1990s.  impossibly young and finding myself in a new city, i was enamored with the differences between the lush ohio landscape i had known and the beige desert i was now inhabiting.  in OH, we didn’t have scorpions or javelinas or quail.  and we most certainly never had a coyote strut across our backyard.  but when we moved to the desert, we got more than just a change of scenery; we got a whole new menagerie.  they don’t tell you the animals will change when you move, but they do.

            phoenix is a new city, relatively speaking.  it’s a big grid spotted with mountains.  it was once the retreat of those with health problems seeking refuge from the cold and hay fever.  that ended when everyone put in front lawns.  but before we all had sprinkler systems, only hearty vegetation could thrive.  orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit trees proved up to the challenge – we even had a hybrid in our backyard called “a cocktail tree.” 

    in march, just around my birthday, the orange blossoms come out.  the dry, dusty air is filled with the most intoxicatingly sweet, heady aroma.  i remember driving down camelback and smelling it for the first time.  i fell in love.  i fell in love with the smell and with the city at that moment. 

  when liberty wildlife asked me to come up with a perfume for their annual fundraiser, this was the memory i thought of first.  living in phoenix means living in the desert and liberty wildlife would like to keep it that way.  their work is focused on the care and rehabilitation of desert wildlife.  and we’re glad they do what they do. 

    starting today, our newest scent, liberty for all, will be available on  for every 50ml bottle sold, liberty wildlife will receive a check for $25.  if you’d rather make a donation, for every $10 you donate, we’ll give you a free travel spray.  all you have to do is pay shipping.  let’s help keep the desert, the desert.

thanks for your support,

the chairman