to little miss panda, on her (almost) 3rd birthday

it’s my bestie panda’s birfday this week and it’s nearly the 3-year anniversary of one of sb’s first scents, little miss panda.  i decided to celebrate by remixing our favorite cutie pie and taking her on a much needed vacation!

back in 09, when i was toiling away in the kitchen coming up with our first scents, panda was right by my side.  she had just arrived for what would be a 16-month stop over in fair los angeles.  in case you don’t know, she was responsible for much of the original smell bent art (we even interviewed her for one of our first really important blog posts).  she’s been a treasured part of my life for nearly a dozen years now.  so just to clarify, she’s a pretty big deal.

in the summer of 2009, i was up to my eyes in ingredients and really had no idea what i was doing.  panda picked up a bottle of jasmine sambac (aka pikake for the hawaiians) and said it was divine.  i thought it smelled a bit little gasoline and undiluted, it does.  but she loved it and the smell of fresh earth.  i threw in a little something in the top and a little something in the bottom.  but she really did the heavy lifting on that one; i just put it together. and little miss panda was born. 

i’ll be honest, she’s a bit of an odd ball, but over the last 3 years she’s made quite a few friends out there.  there’s something light and refreshing about little miss panda.  the key lime makes her a little fruity - the pepper, a little spicy.  she’s girly and fun, just like her real life counterpart. 

when i decided to do the remix, it was the pikake that had to take center stage.  the sambac has really grown on me over the years.  the absolute is sweet, heady and has a tea-like quality to it.  in hawaii, they makes leis out of it, and i know it’s an old joke, but i couldn’t pass up a name like little miss panda gets lei’d (am i becoming my father?).  i wanted the scent to play up the robust and utterly exotic quality of the pikake.  when tuberose got added to the mix, the scent really expanded and filled out.  the guava added a fruitiness and tropical aspect to the composition, echoing the original scent.  i was fearful we’d all be suffocated under these flowers once the summer heat was upon us.  but instead of becoming cloying, the teak base ensures that the scent lightens up over time.  if your curious about how it turned it, try it ... here

while panda herself didn’t have a hand in this one, we hope she loves it as much as we love her! 

happy birthday p,

the chairman