different for everyone ... frankensmellie s12#599

people have a lot ideas about musk.  i happen to have quite a dirty musk reputation.  wherever you stand on the case, you probably can't smell all the musks in the world.  that's because of their molecular size.  musk moleculars are extremely large, which is why they're situated at the base of perfumes.  because of their molecular weight, they leave the skin last - after lightweights like citrus.  their plumpness also means that they are often too large to register to our olfactory nerves.

modern musks are completely synthetic and populate nearly every scented product in the world.  your favorite dryer sheets, shampoos and even topical medications all contain synthetic musk aromachemicals.  they're literally everywhere.  and the deer of the world (whose bottoms we used to pilage for the stuff) are rejoicing!

for our lastest frankensmellie, i combined 9 popular musk aromachemicals to create what i call a 'musk melange'.  the fun thing about this blend is that because of musk anosmia (smell blindness), this perfume will smell different to everyone.  the musk that dominates the composition for me might be competely absent for you.  so grab a friend and our newest smellie and see what happens!

the chairman