aprés soleil ... st. tropez dispenser goes out on the town

    St. Tropez Dispenser, I can safely say, is one of our hits.  I spray it at shows to lure unsuspecting shoppers into the world of smell bent.  It’s pretty, evocative and wearable.  And who doesn’t like smelling like the beach?

    The remix project was one of my favorite collections last year.   Revisiting an idea and getting to rework it is incredibly satisfying.  Usually when something gets put to bed, it’s done!  And I often struggle to get a perfume done, but there’s sometimes that “what if …” that lingers.  The remix scents this year evolved out of a desire to do summer scents and  a pull towards jasmine (both the grandiflorum and sambac varieties). 

    Half of the challenge of doing a remix is how do you do something that relates to the original but is new and different enough to warrant a completely separate scent?  Big perfume companies turn out flankers all the time and to be honest, I don’t have a problem with summer versions of a perfume I already love.  But I don’t feel that’s what the remix project is.  The aim has always been more than that.

    St. Tropez Dispenser is decidedly beachy.  It feels like a day spent in the sun and sand - that’s her charm.  But how do you take a girl like that from day to night?  Apres Soleil retains the play of jasmine, coconut and musk and stays closer to the original than any of the other remixes.  But the musk is sexier, especially paired with leather and sandalwood.  I wanted a leather note for 2 reasons.  One, you’re not going out on the town without a handbag or at least a pair of great shoes.  And two, what else connotes baking in the sun all day better than the smell of leather?

    The sandalwood note is one of my new favorites.  It’s a synthetic blend (as sandalwood is both endangered and incredibly costly) that brings out the sweet, creamy side of the wood.  It’s sexy whereas a lot of synthetics are screechy and harsh.  Aged natural sandalwood sometimes smells cheap to me, because synthetic sandalwood aromachemicals tend to focus on the base of the wood rather than the softer top notes.  When paired with the nitro musk (which is an anachronism in and of itself) there’s a vintage feel to the dry down.  It’s more sophisticated than the clean musk of the original St. Tropez Dispenser.  It’s just what you want for a night out on the town.   

St. Tropez Dispenser: Aprés Soleil is available here, in both spray and perfume oil.