smell bent: the comic book + a sale!

dearest kiddies,

we're happy to have a bunch of super fun news for your today.  we're also pleased to announce that coming this spring is smell bent's first comic book!  we've been hard at work on it for a while now and it's totally awesome.  we made a little trailer to tease you until it gets released, so check it out!

we wanted to say thanks for making our FAB sale a huge success.  we love having international friends and we were sad they couldn't take part.  soooooooo, we're doing the sale again on our site.  if you missed it (or need more fabulous smellies), now's a great time to stock up on your favorite sprays priced at $31, for a limited time only!   check out the sale here

our winter smellies will be coming down at the end of the month.  so if there's a holiday happening scent you've had your eye on, now's the time!

snappy valentine's day,

the Chairman