comic books, classes and everything else we've been up to!

hey kids,

it has been a crazy couple weeks around here.  we just got back from an awesome trip up to san francisco.  we got to meet a lot of new friends and see some old ones.  the artisan salon was a treat and showcases so many wonderful artisan perfumers.  there's a lot of talent in that room, so if you haven't made the trek to one, do it!

we launched the comic book this week - along with all sorts of comic book related goodies.  the new scent, SWEET TYRANNY, has been a hit both on the web and in person.  we're very proud of it and we know you'll love it too.  be sure to pick up a bit when you get your book-wookie.

may 1st - we've teamed up with the insitute for art and olfaction (the brainchild of our good friend Saskia who is paving the way for the marriage of art and scent) to teach a class.  we'll be discussing synthetic ingredients in perfume and 10 important aroma-chemicals which have shaped modern perfumery.  it'll be awesome and you'll get to smell everything we talk about.  you can get some tickets here.  hurry, the class size is pretty limited.  

we've got a couple other things going, but we can't really talk about them at the moment.  needless to say, 2013 is gonna be a scentful year!

smell you later,

the chairman