frankensmellie s13#916 ... the fall

          Occasionally, there are times when you can step back and see the moment where your life changed.  Perhaps there was a day you made a decision to do things differently.  Or someone walked in and changed the way you see things.  Other times, you just get blindsided.  Life is funny like that.  Just when you think things are gonna stay the same, they change.  That’s our theme for fall – the moment when things change.  It's about tumbling towards something new, willingly or not. 

            I was traveling last month and I had a literal fall.  I was riding my bicycle back from lunch and I crashed.  Fitting for someone whose last perfume was called ACCIDENT.  But I got hurt and things changed fast. 

            You learn a lot when you’re in trouble.  I learned how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life.  And I learned that I take a lot for granted until it’s gone.  I couldn’t really use either of my arms for a week.  I had surgery 10 days ago.  My left arm is almost back to normal but my right one is still on the mend.  I’ve got some recovery ahead of me.

            I decided to make a perfume inspired by the whole thing.  The only scent memory I have of that day is the smell of the asphalt I landed on.  It was hot, smoky black top.  So our new perfume begins with that smell.  It’s about fire and transformation - the change of wood into smoke and of summer into fall.  It's my ode to those fall nights when the walk home feels perfumed by the smell of fire in the air. 

            I want to thank everyone for your support and patience in the last month.  I’ve been a little slower than usual, but I’m happy to be back to work.  And you can pick up our newest FRANKENSMELLIE starting today,

Wishing you a surprising fall,

Brent (aka the chairman)