smell bent loves the pygmy hippo shoppe!

Hey Kiddies,

We love the Pgymy Hippo Shoppe and if you've ever been there, we don't need to tell you why.  We fell in love with Emi and her shop last year and we haven't left since!  We love it so much, we even made them their very own perfume.  Starting today, you can snag this very special treat The Pygmy Hippo Rock.  

When we decided to do a scent, I was listening to the radio and the Crocodile Rock came on.  I hadn't heard it in years and I thought, "hey, this perfect!"  The world needed a Pygmy Hippo perfume and now it has one.  The scent is only available through the Hippo, so swing by their site or their adorable store and pick yourself up a bottle.  It's an utterly girly and delicious scent with notes of lavender-scented vanilla cake mixed with candied lemon peels, coconut sticky rice, soft jasmine and creamy sandalwood.

And if you're in LA this weekend , be sure to come say hi to us at Renegade (info here) and check out our holiday smellies before they're gone!