frankensmellie s14#214 ... jasmine tobacco

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!  Or at least there will be soon.  If you’ve got a valentine, hopefully you’ll be getting some very soon.  But despite what one might think, most flowers don’t surrender their scent.  In fact, there are really only a dozen or so natural floral extracts.  The rest have all been created in a laboratory.  So when you wander the perfume department in your favorite shop, remember that all those glorious and exotic scents have been created by man, not Mother Nature.

Technology has gotten quite sophisticated though.  We can now analyze the air surrounding a bud and create a realistic rendering of a fresh flower.  Most essential oils and absolutes change the scent of the blossom, leaving it a shadow of it’s fresh self.  And very few are hearty enough to survive the process.  But there is jasmine, always jasmine.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I missed the heavy scent of orange blossoms in spring.  But there was a new intoxicant in the air.  Lurking around corners and creeping down walls, wafts of sweet, heady perfume greeted me.  And she’s not subtle.  Jasmine is anything but a shy flower.  She is bold and alluring and bewitching.  Which is why she has entrapped so many before me.

Next to rose, Jasmine is perhaps the most important flower used in perfume.  She has a long history and for good reason.  This is why she has been chosen for our newest FRANKENSMELLIE.  With spring on its way, jasmine is about to wake up from her slumber and enchant the city.  But we’re giving her an early start.  Mixed with tobacco, sandalwood and exotic musk, our jasmine will woo and enamor you.  But beware, she is a dangerous beauty!