meet the frankensmellies!

Frankensmellie started humbly enough.  I was showing a bunch of scents to a client and when they left, I picked up all the test strips in my hand and smelled them together.  I had a thought.  What if I mixed a few of my previous concoctions together to make something new?  Hey, it worked for Streisand in the Main Event.  But of course, it’s never as easy as it is in the movies.

            But it led to another, I would say, better idea.  What if Frankensmellie was more like a sketch of perfume, a beta test of a scent?  Without the name, notes and the imagery of our usual scents, the Frankensmellies could exist in a slightly more experimental world.  They didn’t have to be as polished or presentational.  While it sounds slightly lazy (and I wouldn’t disagree), as an artist, I’m always looking for a new challenge.  Frankensmellie became an excerise without end.  He was always changing, always evolving.  If I got a new, interesting ingredient, I could make it the star. 

            When I launched, I released scents in sets.  There were often 5 news perfumes at a time.  This has become a bit daunting and the Frankensmellie project has been a perfect excuse to do one scent at a time.  The Frankensmellies never stuck around for long and I realized recently, that some of them deserved a little attention.  

            Last month, we launched our Jasmine Tobacco blend just in time for the blooming of the jasmine.  I just got home from San Francisco and the city was alive with blossoms.  It was intoxicating.  Keeping with the floral theme, the collection launching today has a range of flowers.  In addition to the Jasmine scent, there is the original Frankensmellie – Gardenia Oud, Cocoa Rose, and our newest scent, the Florist’s Fridge.

            The Florist’s Fridge came out of my love of hyacinth and orchid.  I’ve used hyacinth a few times now – in 2 of my favorite scents actually, Mirror Ball and Mots Verts.  Orchid is a thoroughly modern floral note, but I never managed an accord which I thought did it justice.  Together, these notes create a sweet, clean, green floral which reminds me of the crispness of a florist’s fridge.  You know the smell.  It’s that lush, aromatic blast that greats you when you go shopping for flowers.  It reminds me of love.  Call me a romantic. 

            Our Frankensmellie collection is available, starting today.  It includes 6 scents, including 4 previously released blends.  But hurry, it’s not gonna stick around forever.