smell bent: a tale of 2 brothers


Last fall, when I was home for thanksgiving, my little brother Max and I were hanging out.   He was a senior in college (at Princeton no less) and trying to figure out his next move.  He had his sights set on New York and I couldn’t blame him.  He was asking me about smell bent and I told him that I thought it was time for a business partner.  When I started this little project, I never thought it was going to turn out like this.  It was just a little fun - not a serious, grownup business!


            I didn’t look very hard for a partner.  A psychic I had talked to said they would just show up.  And as you’d have it, a couple months later, my phone rang.  It was Max.  He wanted to work for smell bent and he was going to tell me why.  I was all ears.  But while I loved the idea, could this possibly work? 


            Max came to work in June and the last couple months have been terrific.  He’s smart, full of ideas and best of all, he’s a joy to be around.  I’m sure all of you will love him as much as I do.  So if you start getting emails or updates from a Max, you know who he is.  He’s the brains behind this operation and he’s the guy who made smell bent a family business!