will you still love me, when i’m five?

smello kiddies,

on september 1st, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. it’s amazing to think how far we’ve come and how far we’ll go. for those of you who have invited smell bent into their lives, thank you. we wouldn’t be here without you.

in celebration, smellbent.com has been remodeled, redesigned, revamped, re… you get the point.  whether you are on your phone, tablet or desktop, the site is much simpler to navigate and it makes discovering new scents or revisiting old favorites easier than ever before. sb is all about making fragrance more accessible. this website does just that. we think you’ll really like it!

but wait! there’s more…

to further celebrate our 5th, we designed a new scent around the note of wood. FIVE is “a spicy, spanish cedar cigar box steeped with caramel, aged tobacco and 5 years of fragrant memories.” for the next month, we’ll be gifting a free travel spray of five with every order over $15.

 so what are you waiting for? let’s do some some sniffing!

 here’s to the next 5!

smell bent