ice station z̶e̶b̶r̶a̶ ̶ pineapple

            Ice Station Zebra joined the smell bent lineup back in 2012 for Holiday Happening – our 1960s-themed winter perfume collection.  He was an icy combination of menthol, pine and sandalwood.  He smells kind of like walking through the woods just after its snowed.  The scent proved to be quite the fan favorite.  We even brought him back last winter.  But when we were coming up with an idea for our new collection, we realized that with a bit of tweaking, Ice Station Zebra could become something new.  And that was the moment of breakthrough. 

            I had worked on a pineapple scent in the very beginning.  It was one of the compositions that didn't make the cut for our original lineup.  It was a draft really – just an idea that never got fully flushed out.  But I love pineapple.  Patou did an amazing pineapple scent in the 30s called Colony.   And it sometimes shows up in compositions, but usually not in a really big way.  Fruity scents get looked down on by serious perfume people.  But we’ve never been a fan of snobbery and I don’t think pineapple gets it’s fair due.

            So I went into the lab, armed with my pineapple and Ice Station Zebra as a frame.  It turned out to be a match made in heaven.  I love the way the cool, minty tones mixed with the bright, sweet pulpiness of the fruit.  It’s pineapple sorbet lost in the woods during a snowstorm.  It’s a tropical and it’s winter.  It’s an olfactory mashup of smell bent proportions!  Don’t tell the other kids, but he might be my favorite of the new smellies.  At least, he’ll be the one I wear the most. 


Ice Station Pineapple and the Winterriffic collection are available starting today through the end of January.