sb true w. hollywood story - elf-fulfilling prophecy

            I’ve always loved naming things – other people’s pets, imaginary companies, and now, my very own perfumes.  When Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy came up, it was a case of name first, formula second.  Sometimes you find an ingredient you love and other times, it’s the name. 

            I put this odd title up on my board a little over a month ago.  I thought maybe plums … people associate plums with x-mas right?  But I couldn ‘t find a good plum … sad face.  Or I couldn’t find good inspiration in the plums I found, maybe that’s a better take on it.  Plums just aren’t very me, and it’s hard to do a scent that you don’t feel is very you.  You can work on it, but you never feel like you’ve got a good handle on it.  It’s kind of like going to see a foreign film and not being able to read the subtitles.  You might get the gist, but the details escape you. Anyway, I sat on it.  I ordered different ingredients.

            Then I thought peppermints, but a lot of people do peppermint and to be honest, at the end of the day, I’ve never cared much for smelling of toothpaste.  Some may say, “what about Mama Cassis?” and there they have a very good point.  She’s an odd one, but in my own defense, I made her on a very hot day and the smell of peppermint on my skin was as close as I could get to cooling off.  But back to our little friend the Elf.

            My little friend Panda gets to smell everything I work on.  She’s my gal Friday and though she’s never been big on perfume, her intuition is usually spot on.  When I make something foody or sweet, her response is always “cookie” – meaning, it smells like a cookie.  This is often not a compliment.  However, as a little joke I thought our Elf might smell of cookies.  But, of course, not too much of cookie, so in came the tobacco.

            Now, it’s hard writing descriptions, especially because different noses seem to operate on different frequencies.  I hear people say “all I can smell is this” and I think to myself, “are they smelling the same thing I am?”  But to me, Elf is all about the tobacco.  It’s rich and bold and about as full flavor as a Marlboro … not lit, mind you, but in the pack.  The cookie is there, but it really just adds texture, just as the woody notes prop up it up more than they stand on their own.  It’s the tobacco absolute that really makes the scent stick.  You’ll be smelling this one for hours and the beauty is, it’s caramel smooth right through the finish. 

don’t blame me if this one makes you do naughty things,

the chairman