sb true w. hollywood story - gelty pleasures

I think the first time I celebrated Hanukkah was either in 1988 or 1989.When I inherited my fabulous stepmother, my father converted.One of the perks of having divorced parents was celebrating both December-falling, gift-giving holidays. At first, I was wary and to be honest, Hanukkah really is a horse of a different color. I had grown up with Christmas, it was familiar and it was indulgent.If Christmas is an orgy, Hanukkah is more of a relationship.It starts slow, builds gradually and always involves commitment.I always knew the first night was going to be warm clothes … snow pants or a fleece or something like that.It was a very practical start, but the good part was, you knew there were 7 more nights.

I’ve never been a patient person.Waiting kills me.It drives me to the edge.Waiting for the next night and the next present was sometimes a gruesome emotional experience.The past couple years I haven’t been able to make it home.My presents come and I rip them open all at once.I’m usually filled with some guilt afterwards.Hanukkah is a celebration based on the passage of time.For those of you who don’t know the history, read about it here.

It’s a tradition to give children small amounts of money, known in Yiddish as gelt,during the celebration.Chocolatiers got wise some time ago and started to churn out the equivalent of marshmallow Santas in the form of chocolate coins for little Jewish children.We always had chocolate gelt.I never really even thought of gelt as being made of something other than chocolate until about five minutes ago when I read that Wikipedia page I told you to go visit.

Anyway, I wanted to do a Hanukkah scent and the name Gelty Pleasures emerged.Well, it had to be chocolate that much was obvious. I went into the lab and pulled out this fabulous cocoa absolute from France that I use in Hungry Hungry Hippies.It smells like the most perfect cup of hot chocolate I ever had (Georges Cinq, Summer 2000). I wanted this to be a sexy chocolate scent - rich, smooth, and liquid.I knew the right amber would bring light and warmth to it.But amber can be tricky.If you don’t find the right formula, it can be too powdery. The amber we went with is smooth and a little smutty.I added spices to bring a slight flicker to the scent and call to mind the smell of a pantry.I think the finished product is cheery but also sensual.It’s a rich, dark scent with a sexy bite and a lingering muskiness.

If you’re a chocolate lover, this one’s for you!

the chairman