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I’m a patchouli lover.I think it’s kind of like coconut – there are the people who love it and the people who hate it.There are very few patchouli, or for that matter, coconut neutral individuals.Patchouli has a bad rap.So does coconut come to think of it, but that’s a different post for a different day. Most of us have either been molested by an overdose or had the scent ruined by some smelly hippie who’s dorm room we had to sit in while our friend “picked something up” back in college.Either way, no ingredient scares people faster than the big ‘P’.

I use a lot of essential oils, absolutes and natural extractions.I have no problem with synthetics; they do, after all, mark the beginning of the modern age of perfumery.However, natural oils are really complex arrangements of many different organic chemicals.Think of them like a bag of Skittles.They’re one candy made of many different flavors.Aroma chemicals, on the other hand, are most often singular chemicals, or in this case, a bag of Skittles that all happen to be grape.What’s exciting about patchouli is that on it’s own, it’s amazingly complex.There are the high, sweet notes, the smooth, intoxicating heart notes, and then the robust, earthy basenotes.Together, they make patchouli oil a perfume in and of itself.

Patchouli is popular not only for this reason, that it’s often worn on its own, but also because it’s fairly inexpensive. There are as many different variations on the market as there are anything else.You can buy a vat of a young crop for hardly much money. Or you can splurge for a finely aged vintage.Patchouli, like sandalwood, grows thicker and more intense with age.The older the extraction, the finer the scent becomes.You’ll also find that the note itself is less “dirty” than a younger harvest.Without getting too technical (too late, right?), I’ve found a patchouli that’s been aged several years to perfection.It’s in the heart of Hungry, Hungry Hippies, as well as our new holiday scent Hippie Holidaze.

This was the first holiday scent I came up with.I thought of it back in August as I was getting ready to launch the line.I had to be careful when I was putting the original lineup together that I had my bases covered.It’s so important (and difficult) to find balance.Two patchouli scents would have been overkill … so she got put on the shelf.The combination of citrus and patchouli is amazing.The marriage between light and fresh plus warm and earthly is like a chocolate covered pretzel.The light makes the warmth, warmer and the fresh makes the earth, earthier and vice versa.The contrast is absolutely gorgeous.

I was going to add molasses and cinnamon, but one day it hit me that maple syrup would be delicious.Hippies love Vermont, right?The maple softens the middle of the scent, and makes the patchouli silky.If you like patchouli, you’ll love Hippie Holidaze.If you’re on the fence about the whole mess, try a sample, you might surprise yourself how much you like it!

Until tomorrow …

the chairman