sb true w. hollywood story - 2010

2010, for those of you not so familiar with the sci-fi genre, was Arthur C. Clarke’s sequel to his novel 2001.  It also happens to be a 1984 movie starring the always intense Roy Scheider.  Though not quite the hit its predecessor had been, 2010 wasn’t a total flop either.  It just happens to be one of those 1980s flicks with a large cold war Soviet subplot that makes it a little bit dated these days.  Needless to say, this was both the inspiration for and not at all the inspiration for our new year’s scent. 

            Last month I started thinking that it was almost 2010.  Maybe you’ve already done this, but for me, it was kind of startling.  We’ve almost finished the first decade of the new millennium.  It’s almost 2010 and boy, doesn’t 2010 sound like the future to you?  Perhaps I’ve taken for granted that’s it’s been 2009 for 11 months now.  I may have even been sleeping-walking the past few years.  But by 2010, big stuff was supposed to be happening.  I grew up in the 80s; I was raised on a vision of the future provided by Robert Zemeckis in Back to the Future Part II.  I was told there would be hover boards and smart clothes that could dry themselves.  To be honest, I was hoping there would be more holograms by now. 

            I might just be jaded.  I do spend a good chunk of my life on the Internet, which I hadn’t even heard of in 1989.  I run a business in cyberspace - that sounds pretty cool, huh?  I make perfume that travels all over the globe.  That wasn’t possible unless you were a pretty big deal back then.  I’m a little perfumer, with a virtual shop, and I have customers on nearly every continent (Come on Antarctica!).  I might be getting a little hung up on all this, but I’m thinking about most of this stuff for the first time.  No, my car doesn’t fly.  But it does run on self-generated electricity, some of the time.  I can fit my entire music collection in my pocket.  These are big changes, right?

            When I starting making 2010, it supposed to be a joke – a scent about a future that was only 2 months away.  I wanted it to smell like I imagined the future to smell, cold and clean.  So I made a scent that was cold and clean.  But I didn’t like the way it smelled.  Then I acted surprised, even though I’ve never like cold and clean.  The 90s were a tough time in fragrance for me. After the excessive 80s came the repentant 90s, filled with the Issey Miyakes, the CKones and the Acqua di Gios of the world.   I don’t like my fragrances distant and unemotional.  I want the future to smell beautiful and comforting, it shouldn’t scare me and then ignore me.

            I went back to the lab, pulled out a bright white floral and threw her in.  She hid under the plastic and the jet fuel and she elevated the ozone in the cabin.  What I love about 2010 is that it’s a scent of surprise.  What starts cool and airy explodes with a floral intensity that is unmatched in any of my other scents.  It’s like smelling a blossom straight from the florist’s fridge, still cold and damp, then wrapped with greens and covered in plastic.  It’s this surprise that makes 2010 futuristic, just as it’s the coming surprises that makes our future so exciting!


the chairman