a life in post-its

When I was a little boy, I loved playing office.I had a whole set-up.Pens, assorted papers, envelopes, an old check writing machine, a keyboard from a Tandy computer, credit card triplicates, carbon paper, a binder full of medical record stickers – I was stocked.Most of those things are anachronisms now.In the mid-90s, I went from having a summer job as a filer to the next summer unfiling all the previous summer’s files and scanning them into a huge computer. It was at my dad’s office and I loved all the machines and gadgets.The copying machine is still a thing of wonder to me.When I was in college I interned at this graphic design firm and they had a huge color copier I had free rein of … I was in my own private heaven with that thing.

I starting thinking about all this paper stuff because I spent last night making our new smell bent calendar.It’s really cool and filled with all our fabulous drawings - some you know and some you don’t.I’ll tell you a little more about them when they’re ready to go, but for now, let’s just say last night I went back to the good old days.I’ll confess I ordered some letterhead and some envelopes.Did we need them?Maybe, maybe not.But I really loved looking through the websites full of paper products.One of the first things I ordered was smell bent post-its.I always loved them and having ones with our drawings on them was super cool.

I do some of my best work on post-its actually.Whenever I have an idea, the closest paper around is usually a post-it.From there, it gets stuck to the computer or the corkboard.If it sucks, I just pitch it.When you’re trying to go to sleep and a really big idea hits, sometimes in the morning, it’s not quite the winner you thought it could have been.That’s all right.They can’t all be winners.I find committing to a big sheet of paper is a little overwhelming.Do I have to fill the whole thing?With a post-it, even a solitary word or digit doesn’t look too lonely.At the last job I had, we did half our business in post-its.They’re comforting for people who get overwhelmed with the old ideas of what a business should be.

I might not be able to write a novel, but I sure can write a post-it.