sb true w. hollywood story - felix navidad

About a month ago, after a grueling day in the smell bent lab, Panda and I decided we wanted a burger and fries.I remembered a little joint down the street, Hamburger Mary’s, threw the most fabulous bingo on Wednesday nights, hosted by a drag queen named Bridgette of Madison County. We showed up early, gouged ourselves on fried foods and spinach dip and prepared for an outlandish evening of card blotting.What I had forgotten (it had been years since I went to bingo and the last time was on a bad date) was that the event is a weekly fundraiser to benefit local charities.A friend of mine named Sean sat at the front table selling cards.He’s incredibly handsome, even more charming, and as I learned, a good friend to an organization called Under the Bridges.

When I started smell bent, I knew that I wanted to be able to contribute to the community.So often I see other people involved and find myself asking why I don’t give more.Now that I have the ability, I want to do what I can.Sean told us more about Under the Bridges and I realized I had found my first opportunity.Who knew all it would take was a trip to drag bingo?

For those of you who got a chance to read Panda’s big interview, you’ll remember her not-so-subtle nudge to get me to do a lavender scent.Lavender is on my no-no list, along with vetiver and calone to name a few.But I happened to have some lavender absolute.It’s a much softer incarnation of the plant than the tradition essential oil, as it lacks the sharp herbal punch that can be so jarring.As I wanted to make Felix appeal to as broad an audience as possible, I decided it was better to play off the green quality of the scent.I added a bit of mistletoe which gives a tart freshness up top and smoothed out the middle with a dose of agarwood.The base is a green musk and lends a softness to the dry down.

Overall, I think he’s a gentle and pretty scent – certainly fit for more than just a December wearing. Felix will be lovely in the early spring or next fall when it starts to get cool.He’s got a very classic feel to him.I hate to say that Felix feels kind of “un-me”, but then again, I made him for others.

the chairman

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