welcome aboard the s.s. smell bent!

ahoy kiddies!

we hope you brought your passports, cause smell bent has gone international!  the new smellies have arrived in port and boy do they smell wonderful. 

we're ready to travel the globe and hope you can join us - it's bound to be one heck of a trip!  our stops include gorgeous st. tropez, luscious thailand, sunny monaco, fancy brussels and even india!

we had so much fun doing this collection ... we think these might just be our best smellies yet!  we can't wait to tell you more about them, and believe you me, we will.  in the upcoming days (or weeks if we don't have our act together), you'll get a little back story on each of newest scents.  but for now, here's the lineup-

St. Tropez Dispenser - jasmine absolute, fresh coconut, aloe vera, and a light breeze over a vintage musk

Thai'd Down - sparkling kumquat, fresh mushroom, and soothing buddha wood spiced with crushed pink pepper, clove and a splash of rum

Brussels Sprouted - sprouted greens, himalayan cedar, and deep green musk growing in fresh, wet earth

Monaco-Dependant - budding orange blossom, bright greens, sweet orange oil, and luscious opoponax

Bollywood or Bust - an intoxicating blend of red rose absolute, robust sandalwood and rich, savory spices

check them out on the smell bent leisure cruise page of smellbent.com!

happy sailing,

the chairman