st. tropez dispenser; or sexy on the beach

Perfume lets me experience all sorts of things I don’t get to enjoy in real life.In fact, I’ve never been to any of the places in the Leisure Cruise collection.I remember Isaac Mizrahi, in the documentary ‘Unzipped’, saying that he didn’t have to go to Australia to do a collection about it – he could just watch a Flintstones episode about it. I thought at the time it was a little glib, but I’ve come to identify with the sentiment more recently.An artistic project is usually more about the artist than the subject anyway.Here, it’s my idea of St. Tropez, which I like to think of as the South Beach of France – glitzy, sparkling, glamorous and kinda trashy – rather than the actual reality of the place.I have no idea what St. Tropez actually smells like.It’s not that I’m opposed to finding out; it just isn’t completely necessary.

Now, I’m thinking this all sounds a bit narcissistic.Panda would say art is narcissistic by nature.I don’t know if I agree, but I’m going farther with this thought than I should.The point is when I think about St. Tropez, I think about beaches and tanning oil and Versace.I think about rich women in high heels and lots of jewelry.I see Joan Collins (pictured, upper left) and I smile.This I know to be a fantasy St. Tropez, but it is my fantasy and it is the basis for our little scent.

I found myself with some gorgeous Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute.This is a very costly substance and I had been holding onto it until I found a suitable and worthy project.You’ll notice 3 of my favorite flowers in the cruise collection – jasmine, rose and orange blossom.You’ll say, à la Miranda Priestly, “Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking.”But I was feeling festive.Jasmine is a bit of siren, big and loud and very sultry.To me, this is perfect for my imagined St. Tropez.With a bit of creamy coconut, a squirt of aloe (for those of you who’ve taken in a bit too much sun on the first day) and a base built on vintage musk, you get a scent that is feminine, exotic and utterly beachy.

For those of you who like the beach, I invite you to give St. Tropez Dispenser a shot.She starts big, but mellows into a creamy, dreamy musk that will have men nuzzling on your neck.Pretend you’re a young Joan Collins, at least for a day, and take a trip to a little place called St. Tropez.