on the importance of bottles

I would like to talk about bottles for a minute though.Perfume bottles are perhaps, these days or maybe they always have been, as important as the contents they house.Bottle collectors are a breed of their own and are happy to dump the contents of a beautiful flacon down the drain.Sometimes a brilliant bottle is enough to justify a purchase. These days, I think a lot of the industry spends more time working on the outside of their scents, than the insides.smell bent has always put more money on the inside of our bottles than everything that goes on the outside of them – and it’s still true.

Our new bottles are simple, yet are still very smell bent.They hold true to our artistic vision, while serving the function for which they were chosen.There is nothing worse than a gorgeous bottle with a lousy sprayer.Or for that matter, a gorgeous bottle filled with terrible perfume.I don’t think this is the case for our new sprays.In fact, I’m prouder than ever of the new work.I didn’t think we could improve on some of our scents, but to consider them in spray form is to have a completely new experience with them.They are lighter, more expansive and full of nuance.What might have been hinted at before now comes better into focus.They are a treat.

With that, I’ll say I’ve chosen 6 of our bestsellers from both the classic and cruise lines to make into sprays.In addition, a fan favorite has returned and I’ve created 3 new spray exclusive scents.I can’t think of a better time to debut the line than when the weather warms up a bit and you start itching for something a bit breezier.

don’t worry, the wait is almost over,

the chairman

ps - i know they're not perfume bottles, but they're pretty iconic nonetheless!