prairie nymph, the story of a floozy

happy tax time kiddies!i hope uncle sam is good to you and gives you a big refund check to blow on perfumes (or silly frivolities like rent and groceries).if you’re one of those tea baggers, disregard this message and put on a pot of earl grey for me.

it’s been a couple weeks since we launched our edts and i thought i’d tell you a little bit about them. prairie nymph has taken an early lead, sales wise, and for good reason.she took a long time to get right, but when she hit, it hit dead on.but i’m getting ahead of myself.

long, long ago, when we first decided to do sprays (last fall), i came up with an idea for a perfume called, i thought this was absolutely brilliant for several reasons, but mostly importantly because no one had ever named a perfume Floozy utterly shocked a world where names like Scoundrel, Tigress, and Ambush had been snatched up, why did Floozy get left out in the cold?

interior, 1950’s cocktail lounge:a glamorous woman in her mid-twenties struts in – full skirt, tight up-do, red lips.a dashing gentleman leans his face into the nape of her neck.he breathes in her scent deeply.“what are you wearing?” he begs.“floozy,” she says with a knowing glance.

i don’t think so.

cut to me 50 years later, floozy is a half joke, like most of the names of our perfumes.but when the idea of a western themed series hit me, floozy didn’t really fit.she’s more a sloppy flapper than a saloon girl – a roaring twenties booze-hound who’s been around the block in several jalopies.i spent an afternoon pouring over a website full of cowboy’d be surprised how many words they had for hooker, but only one stood out.nymph du prairie (pronounced in cowboy french as nimf do prayer E) was the prettiest and most evocative.

by the time i had found her a new name, i was 10 or so versions deep in the lab.looking for inspiration, i found a little pot of beeswax absolute i had loved but never found a home for.with carnation and clementine, it was pretty and sweet, but also womanly.she was certainly a lady, but a brassy one.think mae west crossed with a young shirley maclaine.if you haven’t tried her, order a sample, i hear she’s worth every penny!