never never land; or a dingo ate my perfume!

Oh how I’ve always wanted to go Down Under!Does that sound dirty?No matter, the point is Australia is on the bucket list and part of the fun of Leisure Cruise is that I get to “spiritually” visit places I otherwise have no place being.

Given their exports – Eric Bana, Baz Lurhmann, Toni Collete, Rachel Griffiths, JUDY DAVIS, Kath & Kim – I think very highly of that big island we call Oz.I’m always delighted when my perfume makes it down that way too.It never ceases to amaze me that it’s warm at x-mas and chilly in July.People get hung up on the toilets flushing the other way around, but who sticks around long enough to watch the toilet flush.

For those wondering, The Never Never is what Aussies call the Outback.Not wanting to have anything remotely in common with the steakhouse of the same name, I thought it best to avoid references to shrimps, barbies, and awesome blossoms.So we went with a reference to two classic books, Peter Pan, and the Australian novel “We of the Never Never.”

I knew immediately that never never land should be golden. Watching Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, one sees the gorgeous vastness of the outback – that sea of land. I grew up in the desert, or what’s left of it, in Arizona. I wanted to convey dry heat and the sharpness of the air while contrasting that with the splendor of the setting. The base of the scent is built upon a labdanum-rich amber.I went through about 6 before settling on one I liked. From there, desert rose and the dry and slightly rosy guaiac wood are added to the mix. Green pepper and vetiver help add sharpness to the final product and give the composition a dusty quality that balances out the sweet.

This was the final scent I worked on in the series and I think it’s really stellar.It’s certainly suited well for both lads and lasses.If you haven’t tried it, pick up a sample pack of all the new scents, and shipping’s on us.At least until the 10th!