happy birthday smell bent!

it just so happens that a year ago today our little website went live.  now it only seems like yesterday, but a lot has happened in the last year.  30+ scents, 1000s of visitors and lots of new friends later, we're amazed our little venture has gone as far as it has in so short a time.  on our 1st anniversary, we just want to say thank you to everybody out there who's helped us along the way.  we couldn't have done it without you!

in celebration of the occasion, we've come up with a special anniversary scent aptly titled "the one", which will be debuting, along with our halloween scents, on september 14.  as paper is a traditional 1st anniversary gift, the one is based on the scent of books.  but that's all i'm saying!  the rest is going to be a surprise - so mark your calendars kiddies!

thanks for making our first year so wonderful!

the chairman