6 years and counting!

     it's #tbt. i've turned on ordinary day by vanessa carlton to get in the mood and i'm going through pictures - pictures with more hair colors and styles than i'd care to admit. but there, hiding in the back, are the first pictures i ever took of smell bent. they're the little bottles i made in my kitchen, that hot summer back in 2009. it's the original lineup of the 10 classic characters who started it all. it doesn't seem that long ago, but it feels like we've come a really long way in a really short time.

     for those you wondering why i've gotten so nostalgic, this week marks the 6th anniversary of our launch. we went live on september 1st, 2009 and we've doodling and scenting ever since. i gotta say i feel a lot of gratitude for all of you. i feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what i do. ever since i was a weird little kid, i knew i had to be creative. and now it's my job.

     i haven't written in a while, but i wanted to give y'all a little update on what's been happening in and around the lab. we upgraded the website a few weeks ago, which makes sending and receiving orders easier than ever before. it also allows us to do promotions which we could never offer on our older site. it's a win/win!

     but more importantly, i wanna talk a little about the new collection i've been working on.  earlier this year, we previewed a couple scents from a collection called PopMantra. each of the scents in the series is inspired by a song lyric and is meant to be a throwback to the spiritual roots of fragrance in wisdom traditions. i know – we're a ways from the lemon sheriff who appeared in the first collection. the first 2 scents – bohemian rhapsody and gypsy – got to stretch their legs during the garage sale and i get emails asking when they're coming back nearly every day. so rest assured, we're launching them officially in a few weeks, followed shortly by another duo from the collection. so there's new smellies headed your way very soon. but until then, we're offering a little deal to celebrate our big 6. when you pick up a sample pack of travel sprays, you can choose a 6th scent on us. it's a little thank you for 6 amazing years,


smell you later,

brent (aka the chairman)