6 years and counting!

     it's #tbt. i've turned on ordinary day by vanessa carlton to get in the mood and i'm going through pictures - pictures with more hair colors and styles than i'd care to admit. but there, hiding in the back, are the first pictures i ever took of smell bent.

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ice station z̶e̶b̶r̶a̶ ̶ pineapple

            Ice Station Zebra joined the smell bent lineup back in 2012 for Holiday Happening – our 1960s-themed winter perfume collection.

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what's going on smell bent? new smellies!!!!

we have some news – some super exciting news. we’ve been busy in and around the lab, here’s what’s going on at smell bent:

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pardon us london, smell bent is in the flat

Hiya UK mates,

Smell Bent is bringing its little dog and pony show to London. Our UK partners, Roullier White, are hosting a Meet the Maker event at their lovely store in East Dulwich.

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will you still love me, when i’m five?

smello kiddies,

on september 1st, we celebrated our 5th anniversary.

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smell bent: a tale of 2 brothers

Last fall, when I was home for thanksgiving, my little brother Max and I were hanging out.   He was a senior in college (at Princeton no less) and trying to figure out his next move.

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the 4th annual interwebs garage sale is here!


the fine print ...

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meet the frankensmellies!

Frankensmellie started humbly enough.  I was showing a bunch of scents to a client and when they left, I picked up all the test strips in my hand and smelled them together.  I had a thought.

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