frankensmellie s14#214 ... jasmine tobacco

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!  Or at least there will be soon.  If you’ve got a valentine, hopefully you’ll be getting some very soon.

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smell bent loves the pygmy hippo shoppe!

Hey Kiddies,

We love the Pgymy Hippo Shoppe and if you've ever been there, we don't need to tell you why.  We fell in love with Emi and her shop last year and we haven't left since!  We love it so much, we even made them their very own perfume.  Starting today, you can snag this very special treat The Pygmy Hippo Rock.

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the holiday smellies have arrived!

We can hardly believe that this is our 5th holiday collection!  It seems like only yesterday, we were asking Panda if Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy smelled too much like cookies.  But then again, Panda thinks everything smells like cookie.  

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frankensmellie s13#916 ... the fall

          Occasionally, there are times when you can step back and see the moment where your life changed.  Perhaps there was a day you made a decision to do things differently.  Or someone walked in and changed the way you see things.  Other times, you just get blindsided.  Life is funny like that.

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comic books, classes and everything else we've been up to!

hey kids,

it has been a crazy couple weeks around here.  we just got back from an awesome trip up to san francisco.  we got to meet a lot of new friends and see some old ones.  the artisan salon was a treat and showcases so many wonderful artisan perfumers.  there's a lot of talent in that room, so if you haven't made the trek to one, do it!

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the yard next door ... frankensmellie s13#310

 I read an old interview with master perfumer Sophia Grojsman a couple weeks ago.  In it, she said that she turns her nose off when she’s off the clock.  I can relate.  There are plenty of times when I just would rather smell nothing.

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smell bent: the comic book + a sale!

dearest kiddies,

we're happy to have a bunch of super fun news for your today.  we're also pleased to announce that coming this spring is smell bent's first comic book!  we've been hard at work on it for a while now and it's totally awesome.  we made a little trailer to tease you until it gets released, so check it out!

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holiday has arrived! (+ some other news)

greetings kiddies,

we're so excited to invite you to our holiday happening - a collection of 1960s inspired winter scents to keep you warm all season long.  there are some delightful new characters in the bunch and the perfumes smell ah-mazing (that's how the cool cats are saying it these days)!  

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