new smellies and a really big show!

hey kiddies,

so much is happening!  we've been hard at work on our newest collection.  it's called Sunset People and is an homage to nightlife and all the joys of going out.

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aprés soleil ... st. tropez dispenser goes out on the town

    St. Tropez Dispenser, I can safely say, is one of our hits.  I spray it at shows to lure unsuspecting shoppers into the world of smell bent.  It’s pretty, evocative and wearable.  And who doesn’t like smelling like the beach?

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different for everyone ... frankensmellie s12#599

people have a lot ideas about musk.  i happen to have quite a dirty musk reputation.  wherever you stand on the case, you probably can't smell all the musks in the world.  that's because of their molecular size.  musk moleculars are extremely large, which is why they're situated at the base of perfumes.

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to little miss panda, on her (almost) 3rd birthday

it’s my bestie panda’s birfday this week and it’s nearly the 3-year anniversary of one of sb’s first scents, little miss panda.  i decided to celebrate by remixing our favorite cutie pie and taking her on a much needed vacation!

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liberty for all, or: phoenician adole-scent

 any knowledgable phoenician 5th grader will happily recount arizona’s famous 5 Cs - cooper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate – the historical driving forces of the state’s economy.  they helped turn the desert into a city.  but what most 5th graders will take for granted is the smell of those citrus trees come spring. 

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vocabulary ... the video!

Check out the video!

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on vo·cab·u·lary

I caught “perfume obsession” in the summer in 2006.  I had just finished a bottle of Bois d’Encens, a pricey masterpiece by Armani and was on the hunt for a budget alternative.  Scanning the interwebs, I found an olfactory cousin by Commes des Garcons called Avignon. 

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the snowman cometh

dearest kiddies,

it's that wintry time of year again and we've pulled out all the stops!

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