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super important information

We like perfume ... a lot!  And we want you to like it too.  But as with any cosmetic product, good common sense is advised.  

If you have a specific allergy, please drop us a line before purchasing any of our products to make sure you avoid any potential irritation.  We use a variety of different ingredients, including some nut oils, and think it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re unsure, test your perfume on a small patch of skin before applying it liberally.  Sometimes sensitives happen, but let’s try and keep them to a minimum! 

Our products are for external use only and we really don’t want to think about you eating them or the like.  It’s gross and just not a good idea.  Food is for eating and perfume is for smelling ... not the other way around silly!

We want everyone to love our smells as much as we do.  That’s one reason we offer samples so you can try something before you buy a bunch of it.  We know that buying perfume on the internet is kind of weird, but we do it all the time.  Sadly, we don’t accept returns because, well, would you want some perfume that somebody had sent back to us?  We didn’t think so.  

To make sure you can enjoy your smellies for as long as possible, try and store your bottles in a cool, dark area.  Heat and light are perfume’s arch-nemeses and will break down your scent quicker than you can imagine.  If you take care of your smellies, they’ll take care of you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them before you buy!  We want you to be happy and we think we’re pretty accommodating.   Some say ‘people pleasing’, but we don’t think we need a 12 step group or anything - unless that would make you happy. 

frequently asked questions ...

Can I still buy one your limited edition scents, even though it’s not on the site?

You never know ... email us and we’ll raid the stockroom!

Do you sell in my city?

We might!  Check our stockists page for locations near you.  But if you live somewhere that needs some smell bent, let us know!  We’ll be happy to send info to a store near you.

My perfume is cloudy or has something floating in it ... what is that?

We love natural ingredients.  They smell great and are interesting!  But unlike their synthetic counterparts, they don’t all take to being mixed in solution.  So, if you notice sediment in the bottle of your fragrance, or your oil comes with a “shake me” label, this is why.  Don’t worry, the appearance of these ingredients will only add to the complexity of your scent.

Are your perfumes vegan-friendly?

As a rule, we try not to use animal products  Some perfumes ingredients, like beeswax absolute and ambergris, are created by animals, but are collected without harm.  However, if you are concerned about a specific perfume, please email us and we’ll happily discuss its ingredients. 

please send any questions to