small batch

For fall 2020, we've created two scents using aged ingredients found in our backstock.  Both the musk and the incense used in Scaredy Cat and the Fall have been aged 10 years making them rich and refined.  Because our quantities of these ingredients are limited, these are small batch scents that will not be remade.


The Fall 2020

launched: fall 2020

collection: small batch

in a nutshell: smokey incense wood

notes: aged copal incense, white oak, amber and the scent of smoke in the fall air 


Scaredy Cat

launched: fall 2020

collection: small batch

in a nutshell: smooth woods

notes: apple, plum, aged copal incense, sweet woods and vintage red musk


Collections: heroine, smellies

Category: foody, spicy, sweet

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